How Much Are you Willing to Spend on a Car? | Cheki Nigeria

WHAT: We decided to ask Nigerians to answer the question – “How much are you willing to spend on a car you plan to buy”
WHY: When it comes to buying cars, different people have different budgets and the reason is simple – They all want different cars
WHEN: This video was shot in March 2019
WHERE: We spoke to Nigerians who currently reside in Lagos
WHO: Nigerians who are yet to buy their own cars but eagerly look forward to buying one

About Cheki Finance:
Cheki Finance is a car loan service designed to effectively meet the financing needs of car buyers in Nigeria. This service is being offered by Cheki Nigeria in collaboration with top-rated financial institutions.
Cheki Finance provides car buyers with quick car loans for the purchase of Nigerian used cars, foreign used (tokunbo) cars, or brand new cars that are listed on

What Else Should You Know?
– Loan applications will be processed promptly and car buyers can take possession of their cars within 3 days
– Car buyers can pay 50% deposit upfront and spread the balance over a 12 month period
– Monthly repayment is less than 40% of monthly salary

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